You want to look and feel your best, you eat right, you exercise and still you can’t shift those stubborn fatty deposits. They are that annoying final hurdle to achieving your body image goals.


If surgery is a scary option, then there are other procedures you can look at such as the fat dissolving injection treatment, or Fat Freezing.


To help improve those problem areas such as under the chin, jowls, back and much more, then the fat dissolving injection treatment we offer could be the answer for you.


Often described as ‘non-surgical liposuction’, this fat dissolving injection treatment has been used for over 20 years in many countries as a fat-dissolving agent to help reduce those annoying exercise and diet resistant small fatty deposits.


It involves a series of small injections that help melt away small, localised areas of fat deposits using a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pharmaceuticals to help give skin that smooth youthful look we all crave.

The fat dissolving injection treatment is an effective and economical procedure involving small injections of various vitamins and compounds into the fat depostis which dissolves the fat cells and removes them permanently from the body.


This fat dissolving injection treatment is also commonly known as Mesotherapy, lipolysis, or injection lipolysis.


The solution injected causes inflammation and cell death to the fat cells, which are then permanently removed from the body. Other fat cells in the vicinity however may enlarge with an increase in calorific intake however the ‘killed’ fat cells never regrow.


Typically benefits are seen 3-4 weeks after the initial treatment, but a series of 3-5 treatments are recommended for best results.

It can be used to treat:


  • love handles

  • saddle bags

  • jowls

  • double chins

  • back fat

  • tummy bulges

  • inner and outer thighs

  • buttocks – side and lower

  • Men can also have the chest area treated, to help with Gynaecomastia, but this is not suitable for women as this area is mostly glandular tissue.  It can also help with the treatment of cellulite.

It is common to experience some mild redness, swelling and tenderness. Sometimes bruising can occur, especially if blood thinning agents such as aspirin, Ibuprofen (Nurofen or Advil), fish or krill oil, flaxseed oil or multivitamins have been ingested in the previous two weeks.


There is generally no down time after this treatment.

The ideal candidate for the fat dissolving injection treatment is someone who is not interested in a surgical procedure and who has a stubborn area of fat which is relatively non- responsive to dieting and exercise.

There is a spectrum of efficacy with treatments for fat removal with surgical liposuction still remaining the gold standard for removal of fat, however many people are not interested in the downtime, expense or the surgical nature of this procedure.  Fat busting treatments such as  Fat Freezing are used, however this tends to be more of a financial investment and these procedures often take longer to see results than a series of simple and small injections.

The fat dissolving injection treatment or Mesotherapy should not be used in pregnant women or breast feeding mothers, people with autoimmune diseases, or if nearby infections are present.

Post-Treatment Care for the fat dissolving injection treatment or Mesotherapy


  • Complete the recommended course of therapy. Remember that good results will require at least three treatments, ideally two to four weeks apart.

  • Massage the treated area 5 minutes a day, 5 times a day for 5 days.

  • Redness, a mild burning sensation, swelling and bruising may occur up to 5 days after on average.

  • Tender lumps may be palpable for up to a month after treatment which is indicative of fat necrosis or fat cell death. It is normal for this to sometimes occur.

  • There are no restrictions on exercise.

  • Moderate alcohol consumption post treatment is acceptable.

  • Some people experience some palpable lumps or unevenness after injectable Lipolysis/Mesotherapy. Massage is helpful to increase circulation and smooth out any unevenness. This “lumping” will improve naturally over time.

  • Extended bruising or brown discoloration in the area treated can occur. This will settle with time.

  • Some patients can have a slight reaction to the compounds in this fat dissolving injection treatment. Some redness and itching similar to that experienced with hives can occur and is not a reason for concern. This usually lasts two to three days and can be treated with an antihistamine and a topical hydrocortisone cream, both available over the counter at your pharmacy if required. 

  • Cosmetic improvement takes approximately one month to begin and final results may not be seen for up to one year after treatment.

  • This fat dissolving injection treatment does not work on about 5% of patients.

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