New, unique procedure without a needle!

With the innovative Hyaluron Pen, there is now a non-invasive method of needle-free volume building, as well as improving the contour of the face. The Hyaluron Pen is designed so that it brings the hyaluronic acid under the skin with high pressure, but only reaches the upper layers of the skin.

What is hyaluronic acid 

Hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding substance that is naturally present in the body and is responsible for the elasticity of the skin as well as for the formation of collagen. Hyaluronic acid binds a very large amount of water and is therefore an important component of its own connective tissue. From the age of 25, the body's own hyaluron production is reduced, the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity due to a lack of moisture, and this is where the first wrinkles develop. From the age of 40, the body hardly ever forms its own hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acids used in this treatment are dermatolotically and biotechnologically produced and tested, thus ensuring that allergic reactions are ruled out.

The treatment can be applied to the following areas:


- Volume build-up of lips

- Wrinkle reduction of nasolabial wrinkles

- Wrinkle reduction of crow's feet

- Volume buildup of cheeks and face

- Wrinkle reduction of the forehead

The benefits of treatment with the Hyaluron Pen


- Non-invasive

- No spraying

- No surgery

- Leaves no permanent scars

- Low pain burden

- Fast intervention

- Immediate effect

- Economical

- Works precisely

How does the Hyaluron Pen work

At a pressure of 800 km/h, the hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin in the multi-channel system without the use of needles. The system of injection-free administration of fillers, biorevitalizants and meso-cocktails will not only provide your skin with freshness and youth, but will also provide comfort during the process of carrying out the treatment and will also get rid of post- injection complications. The longevity of the HA is between 4-9 months dependent of the clients lifestyle and skin quality. The longevity of the treatment can be significantly extended with a re-treatment after about 4 weeks with half of the initial treatment amount being re-administered.


During wrinkle treatment, hyaluronic acid is specifically introduced into the middle to deep skin layers. Depending on the position and type of wrinkles, the Hyaluron can achieve a long-lasting effect. The Hyaluron moisture is bound in the skin, which has the effect of a lining that softens the wrinkles and gives us a younger, fresher look.


Are there any side effects

After treatment there may be redness, swelling and bruising may occur. After 2-3 days, these skin irritations have generally subsided. Make-up should not be used until 24 hours after treatment. The skin should be cleaned gently during this time.


The compressed air process creates small openings in the skin, through which the hyaluron is introduced. Carefully clean the treated areas, gently dab, do not rub. Sauna and swimming should be avoided afterwards. Solarium and strong sunlight should be avoided at least 7 days before and after treatment. The cushioning effect of the introduced hyaluron can be recognized immediately and usually lasts up to 3 months. For a longer lasting effect, the treated areas should be refreshed after 3 - 4 weeks.

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