MCT INJECTOR - Intra Dermal Injections

Shell's Health & Beauty are excited to announce we now offer the MCT Trans Dermal Injection procedure. This device is computer controlled and involves the intradermal administration of active serums through multiple micro-injections for correcting aesthetic skin concerns.This revolutionary procedure is designed to rejuvenate the skin, moisturise, increase the elasticity of the skin and remove fine wrinkles.

This is a medical technique whereby active substances are introduced into the skin by numerous micro-injections. This technique ensures optimum penetration of substances into the dermis, with superior effects improving the appearance of the skin immediately and progressively with long lasting effects. Micro injections cause controlled injury leading to production of collagen and elastin, supercharging results.


Initially, at consultation the skins specific requirements are diagnosed. The most suitable active substances are selected and a tailor-made treatment plan with personalised cocktails are created for you to suit your skin needs and desired outcome.


The effect after the procedure is long-lasting and immediately visible, the micro punctures and possibly minor bruises disappear within a few days. The area can also be perfectly masked with make-up. Thin skin on the neck, décolletage, eye area, lips and hands are all excellent indications for treatment. It is also used to improve the condition of the damaged skin structure after experienced acne or sun-damaged skin. The skin will be hydrated, rejuvenated and made taut.

Whom is the MCT Injection Treatment suitable for?

Great results are achieved in the area of ​​the face, where it adds lost volume through string hydrating action and makes the skin taut. It smooths small wrinkles under the eyes and on the upper lip which are more difficult to treat. It intensively hydrates and strengthens the skin of the neck and décolletage, areas which are very often neglected, resulting in postponed skin care. This device is indispensable in the way it improves the fine skin on hands and strengthens the skin layer along with its resistance. The effect is natural and long-term!


The treatment is also suitable for younger clients who have not yet noticed significant skin changes. This is known as so-called "Active Prevention" against wrinkle formation and the loss of elasticity of the skin.


Which products are used?



Utilising Mesoestetic range of solutions and active ingredients for transdermal application, we can provide specific solutions to treat cosmetic conditions. The range provides optimum interaction between active ingredients, producing a better effect in combination than individually.


Corrective action on pigmentation, Unifies skin tone. It acts by regulating melanin production and removing the melanin present in epidermal cells, responsible for visible pigmentation. It also contains antioxidant agents that regulate melanin overproduction.

Rejuvinating action with flash effect

Boosts radiance

Sun protection, antioxidant, moisturising and firming action

Corrects fine lines, counteracts loss of tone.

mesotox solution acts dually on expression lines, reducing the existing ones and preventing the appearance of new ones. Its unique combination of synergistic peptides works in the inhibition of the skin microcontractions that cause this type of wrinkles.

Promotes dermal thickening

Improves the firmness and structure of the extracellular matrix.

Treatment of thin, aged skins, loss of facial oval definition and facial flaccidity. 

Stimulates cell repair and re-structures the rupture of the protein network of the dermis. Provides hydration, elasticity and firmness to the skin. Prevention and reduction of stretchmarks. Also indicated for the treatment of post-acne scars.

C.Prof 210


C.Prof 213


C.Prof 214


C.Prof 223

Skin Mark 

C.Prof 211


Gel solution to dramatically increase the moisture content in the skin. Improving firmness and elasticity restoring a healthy and youthful look.

regenerates skin tissue and provides skin essential micronutrients for transcutaneous application for biorevitalization. It enhances the synthesis of proteins, such as elastin and collagen, helping prevent skin aging and tired, lifeless skin.


Treatment of intradermal administration that favors the cutaneous repair by promoting the synthesis of collagen and redensifying the tissues. Moisturising antioxidant that helps protect cell membranes

 It acts as a regulator and normalizer of cellular metabolism and cell division. Indicated for tired skins, stretch marks, cellulitis and flaccidity.

Vasoprotective treatment that stimulates collagen biosynthesis, helping to restore skin integrity through its re-epithelizing and vasoprotective actions, increasing capillary resistance and acting as a biostimulant.

X.Prof 108

Hyaluronic Acid

X. Prof 110


X.Prof 014

Organic Silicone

X.Prof 040

Centella Asiatica

X. Prof 109


During treatment

during your first procedure your Therapist will set the MCT injecting device to penetrate superficially to prepare your skin for future treatments and to gain optimal results with minimal downtime. generally you may need 3 to 4 treatments for best skin tone improvement and acne scarring, and 4 - 6 treatments for stretch marks and deep scars. you will be given post treatment instructions on how to look after your skin in the following days after your treatment to maximise results and reduce the risk of complications.


What other treatments can be performed?

MCT Injector can also be used for cellulite and fat dissolving treatment on thighs or on abdomen.

Using micro-needles, the active ingredients can be injected to depth of hair roots in treatment of alopecia (excessive hair loss).

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